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Estate Planning, Taxation, Asset Protection, Bankruptcy, and Probate Law

For individuals with great or modest wealth, FMGR attorneys seek to provide the comfort of a competent plan which provides maximum tax advantage, asset preservation, in a framework that the client intends and understands. Our attorneys regularly work with clients in order to plan their estates to establish an orderly transfer of assets, including business succession, and to minimize estate taxes. For individuals in certain high risk professions or other enterprises, they seek asset protection. Our attorneys are conversant in the several family limited partnership, Nevada limited liability company, and other legal constructs which permit individuals to shield hard earned assets from outsiders. The client is given personal attention and each plan is devised separately, in accordance with what makes best sense for the client. We also work with the client's accountants or other financial planners in order that the final documents are all coordinated.

An important aspect of our client relationship in estate planning and asset protection is confidentiality. It is our pledge to each client that the nature and extent of his or her assets will be a matter of complete privacy and discretion. The attorneys working on an estate at FMGR will not have casual conversations, even with the client's own friends or relatives unless specifically authorized by the client. This emphasis on privacy keeps FMGR estate planning clients from having to travel to St. Louis or Chicago for estate planning.

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