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Defective Products / Product Liability

Products liability presents unique litigation challenges, which Feirich/Mager/Green/Ryan's litigation attorneys are prepared to meet on your behalf. Whether commercial or consumer products are alleged to be defective, or may have been involved in causing injuries, FMGR has the resources and experience to represent your interests.

Today's advances in technology often require products liability investigation and knowledge. For instance, motor vehicle collisions which involve failed parts or faulty manufacture have long been litigated matters. Technological advances require greater products liability investigation and legal insight. For instance, with the advent of enhanced safety systems and "driverless" cars, motor vehicle collisions will likely be more focused on equipment design, manufacture, and programming failures.

Industrial equipment design and manufacture is, similarly, often alleged to be partly or wholly involved in causing workplace or non-workplace injuries. When injuries and property damage occur, FMGR's skilled attorneys are prepared to be your resource when considering whether a product was inherently dangerous when it left the factory or, alternatively, when damages result from errant later actions or use.

When product design, manufacture, installation, labeling, or control is at issue, FMGR's litigation counsel is prepared to apply their knowledge, experience, and talents to your products liability claims and defenses.

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