FMGR attorneys are experienced in handling many different types of legal disputes that fall under the heading of civil litigation. Civil litigation may include the following:
  • Personal injury lawsuits for a plaintiff or defendant;
  • Medical malpractice cases involving doctors, nurses or a hospital;
  • Employment discrimination or labor disputes;
  • Education law disputes.
  • Other disputes over real estate, employment, restraining orders, injunctions, etc.

Civil litigation is different than criminal law because it does not involve any criminal charges. Civil litigation, in most cases, revolves around disputes involving money or property. On occasion, the litigants may need to seek a court to enter an order requiring certain activities or actions to start or stop, and the client simply wants help from an attorney to get the matter before an appropriate court. While every civil case is different, each case must make its way through a series of common steps and procedures that are typical in the legal system. An attorney at FMGR can help you determine if you have a good case or help you if you have already been sued and need an attorney to defend a lawsuit. The attorneys at FMGR can advise you regarding the process and provide you with representation and guidance throughout the process.

FMGR is prepared to offer the counsel needed to assist with your civil litigation needs.

Our Civil Litigation Attorneys


John C. Ryan


R. James Giacone II