Education Law

FMGR’s education law attorneys are widely recognized and sought by area public and private School Boards to assist with all their legal needs. From helping with the status of Illinois and federal law, to providing quality guidance and direction to allow the client to make the most educated decision, F/M/G/R will be a trusted partner. We provide legal guidance regarding compliance with the Open Meetings Act (OMA), legislative changes to the OMA, Public Access Counselor (PAC) decisions, and court interpretations of the OMA’s provisions. In addition to the OMA, we also provide guidance to Illinois school districts regarding the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), bidding requirements, and board member conflicts of interest, the Ethics Act, the Illinois State Gift Ban Act. Boards of Education may need guidance with election of members of the board of education or filling a school board vacancy, and our attorneys can assist.
Our attorneys are also available to assist with employment matters, ranging from routine hiring of teachers or support personnel, to the dismissal of teachers or other employees of the school. We provide counsel for Illinois public or private schools and administrators on employee investigations, discipline, and dismissal, or more routine matters such as wage issues or complaints, overtime, and Family Medical Leave Act interpretation. From assisting our clients with labor and union relationships and negotiations or the review of legal requirements for employee relationships, including assistance with the review of applications and interviews, assistance of background checks, to drafting employment-related contracts, non-renewals of probationary teachers, or reductions in force (RIF) of teachers and ESP’s, even the dismissal for cause of support personnel, teachers, or administrators, the attorneys of FMGR are capable and ready to serve the school’s legal needs.

When an education related legal issue reaches litigation, our attorneys will either assist as corporate counsel or enter our appearance and represent the client through the court system or the administrative process.  We have a record of success in litigation and have obtained favorable outcomes for our clients before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Illinois Department of Human Rights, other state administrative agencies, and also in federal and state courts.  FMGR is always seeking the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our Education Attorneys


Jerald D. Dehne